A safe space for you to share and process your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

My main therapeutic model of practice is from a humanistic lens or Person-Centered approach. I’m also mindful that not all therapy modalities fit everyone, so I tailor treatment to the client’s needs by implementing other styles of therapy.

Person-Centered therapy is a non-directive or non-authoritative approach in which the client takes an active and leading role in discussions which promotes self-discovery and inner-growth.  The therapist guides the therapeutic process while providing the client with support and encouragement.

It all depends on the individual/couple/family and the complexity of the concerns being addressed.  The client’s participation and willingness to change has a direct impact on the effectiveness of therapy.  Some client’s experience improvement right away and the need for therapy can be short term.  Others may need long-term therapy as long existing behavior patterns or traumatic experiences take longer to process.

Right now, I am a private pay provider and do not accept insurance.  I can, upon request, provide referrals to other therapists who accept insurance.

Most sessions last about 50 mins. 

You can schedule an appointment through my website.  Simply click on the appointment scheduling link and choose an available time-slot for the type of session you desire.

I accept Cash, Checks, Credit and Debit Cards.  I offer online payment options via PayPal and IVY Pay.

I do enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy.  So, I ask that I be given a 24-hour notice if you are going to cancel your appointment. Unless we can reschedule or there are extenuating circumstances, I will charge for missed appointments.

I perform psychological screenings for surrogates and egg/sperm donors and intended parent consultations. I also provide individual therapy sessions for surrogates, egg/sperm donor and intended parents.

Sessions can be face-to-face at my office or via video teleconference from the setting of your choice.

No, I will send you a URL link via email that you can simply click on it in order to begin our session.

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